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Helios flight 522 accident of 2005.

It was a tragic, but very interesting series of events that led to the death of all 121 souls on board. It was literally a flying ghost ship, with everyone on board (except one flight attendant) frozen to death in their seats before the plane ran out of fuel. Hypoxia, poor maintenance, poor management and pilot error (really this time) also contributed to the crash. It is also credited as the first fatal accident where the locked cockpit door requirement was considered a factor since the September 11th requirement. 

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Date: 23 June 1985
Type of airline / aircraft: Air-India Boeing 747 (‘Kanishka’)
Flight No.: AL 182
Type of attack: Air sabotage
No. of attackers: ?
No. of passengers/crew/total: 307/22
Destination: En route from Toronto to Bombay via Montreal and London
Terrorists identification: Sikh terrorists named ‘The Dashmesh Regiment’
Terrorist demands:——
Casualties / Injuries: All 329 passengers and crew were murdered

Incident results /remarks:
*. The aircraft was exploded over the Atlantic
*. A Semtex Plastic bomb device, hidden in a Sanyo radio device that was placed in the cargo compartment after been transferred from a connecting flight, exploded during flight
*. The x-ray machine at Toronto airport was faulty o and security check was done by using hand-held bomb detectors, which anyway couldn’t detect the Semtex bomb.
*.2 main suspects were Ajaib Singh Bagri and Ripudaman Singh Malik. The motive was to retaliate against the Indian military attack of the Golden Temple at Amristar (1984).The terrorists operated on behalf of the struggle for the independence of Khalistan in the Punjab
*. It was suggested that since no official responsibility claim was issued, it was assumed that the suspected Sikh terrorists had intended to blow up the jet while it was on the ground at Heathrow airport. Since the jet was behind schedule, the bomb went off in mid-air.

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Platinum Jet charter pilot pleads guilty to illegal flights following Teterboro Airport crash scrutiny

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