Sarah Nilsson, JD, PhD, MAS
Sarah Nilsson, JD, PhD, MAS

Australia Drone Law


Airspace: UAS in the Airspace 

Governing body: Civil Aviation Safety Authority

UAS Regulations: Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Information

NPRM 1309OS of 2014

Part 101 Amendments - Cutting red tape for remotely piloted aircraft


Australian Certified UAV Operators Inc. (ACUO): National not for profit association first started in 2009 and formally registered in Queensland on the 31 March 2010. Association is bound by a constitution to:

- Protect the interests of CASA Certified UAV Operators

- Establish the association as a responsible authority

- Promote the growth and expansion of the commercial UAS industry in Australia


Australian Research Center of Aerospace Automation (ARCAA): World-leading research center based in Brisbanw, Australia. It conducts research into all aspects of aviation automation, with a particular research focus on autonomous technologies which support the more efficient and safer utilization of airspace, and the development of autonomous aircraft and on-board sensor systems for a wide range of commercial applications.


Australian UAS Academy (AUSA): AUSA was established in November 2009 to support the professional growth of Australia's burgeoning civil unmanned aircraft systems industry. The Academy is a collaboration between a Brisbane based company, V-TOL Aerospace, and the University of Queensland. Both organizations bring together a wealth of skill and knowledge into the training and education experience. The Academy will offer 3 streams of UAS taining products: 

- technical training in avionics, software, structures, payloads, complex systems in conjunction with the University of Queensland

- UAS pilot training - pilot and crew resource management

- UAS applications - professional development, enterprise and industry workshops designed to educate end-users in the use of unmanned technologies in a spatial environment


Australian Association For Unmanned Systems


Library of Congress: Regulation of Drones: Australia

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