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Arizona Drone Law



Phoenix Sky Harbor - Drone Page (excerpt below)


Drones banned at county parks in Pima County,  Arizona

Can I use my drone (Quadcopter/UAV) in a State Park in Arizona?


Proposal would limit drone usage in Arizona

In 2013 the State of Arizona tried to pass House Bill (HB) 2574 to amend Title 13, Chapter 30, Arizona Revised Statutes, by adding section 13-3007 relating to drone surveillance.

HB 2538


SB 1449 - signed into law - May 12, 2016 - prohibits certain operation of UAS, including operation in violation of FAA regulations and operation that interferes with first responders. The law prohibits operating near, or using UAS to take images of, a critical facility. It also preempts any locality from regulating UAS.





Also see 28-8282 Prohibited operation; under the influence; incapacitation

and 28-8279


On January 20, 2016, Arizona introduced House Bill (HB) 2073 

Paradise Valley - UAV Ordinance

Phoenix - UAS Ordinance

Mesa - Park Ordinance

Scottsdale - UAS Ordinance

Download the AZ hunting regulations below that prohibit drone assisted hunting




Adobe Acrobat document [21.1 KB]
2016-17 AZ hunting regulations.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [6.1 MB]



Other laws that could be used ....


13-1424 Voyeurism (mentions a device but does not define it so UAS could be a device)

13-1502 Criminal Trespass in the third degree ("Entry" means the intrusion of any part of any instrument or any part of a person's body inside the external boundaries of a structure or unit of real property. - see definitions as a UAS could be an instrument)

13-1503 Criminal Trespass in the second degree

13-1504 Criminal Trespass in the first degree

13-2908 Criminal nuisance

13-2917 Public nuisance

13-2921 Harassment

13-2923 Stalking



Title 28 of the A.R.S. Chapter 25 deals with Aviation

"Aircraft" includes a balloon, airplane, amphibian and craft used for navigation through the air.

ARS Title 28 Chapter 25 AVIATION.docx
Microsoft Word document [104.2 KB]

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