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On May 8, 2013 Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 7 was enrolled and delivered to the Secretary of State as File No. 30. This was a resolution that became effective upon passage.


In 2013, Nevada, through Assembly Bill (AB) 507, appropriated $4,000,000 to the Interim Finance Committee for allocation to the Governor's Office of Economic Development for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Program. The funds can only be appropriated if Nevada is selected as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Test Site.

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On June 2, 2015 The Governor of Nevada approved Assembly Bill (AB) 239 (download below) into law as Chapter 327. This is an act relating to aircraft; regulating operators of unmanned aerial vehicles in this State; revising the definition of “aircraft” to include unmanned aerial vehicles; prohibiting the operation or use of an unmanned aerial vehicle under certain circumstances or for certain purposes; authorizing a law enforcement agency to operate an unmanned aerial vehicle at certain locations without a warrant under certain circumstances and for any other lawful purpose; prohibiting a law enforcement agency from operating an unmanned aerial vehicle without first obtaining a warrant under certain circumstances; authorizing a public agency to operate an unmanned aerial vehicle only under certain circumstances; requiring the Department of Public Safety, to the extent that money is available, to establish and maintain a registry of unmanned aerial vehicles that are operated by public agencies in this State; requiring the Department to report certain information to the Legislature with respect to the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles by public agencies in this State; requiring the Department to adopt regulations prescribing the public purposes for which a public agency may operate an unmanned aerial vehicle in this State; providing certain criminal and civil penalties for the unlawful operation or use of an unmanned aerial vehicle in this State; and providing other matters properly relating thereto. 

AB 239 includes UAS in the definition of aircraft and regulates the operators of UAS. It also prohibits the weaponization of UAS and prohibits the use of UAS within a certain distance of critical facilities and airports without permission. The bill specifies certain restrictions on the use of UAS by law enforcement and public agencies and requires the creation of a registry of all UAS operated by public agencies in the state.


AB 11 - adds transmission lines that are associated with the Colorado River Commission of Nevada to the definition of “critical facility” for the purpose of limiting where UAS can be operated.

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