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2015 Commercial Space Industry Snapshot.[...]
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2010 - Japan's Hayabusa spacecraft became the first spacecraft to land on an asteroid, collect mineral samples, and return the samples to Earth


Deep Space Industries plans to land on an asteroid by 2020


US Military's Satellite-Launching XS-1 Space Plane could fly in 2019


ExoMars spacecraft sets off in search of alien life


Spaceplane: Suborbital vehicle for space tourism and science


Astronaut Ron Garan joins balloon-based space tourism company


Future Of Space Tourism One Step Closer To Reality


Watching a Spacecraft Wreck Tumble Through Space


Breakthrough Starshot


Billionaire Yuri Milner teams up with Stephen Hawking to explore Alpha Centauri


Stephen Hawking's space exploration program wants India's participation


Senate Bill Cuts Other NASA Programs to Fund SLS and Orion


"BEAM" Aboard: Experimental Inflatable Room attached to ISS

NASA's first expandable habitat failed to inflate on the ISS because of friction

ISS controllers complete BEAM module expansion

Ist Inflatable Habitat for Astronauts all pumped up on Space Station

Take a look inside BEAM


SpaceX's reusable Falcon 9: What are the real cost savings for customers?


ESA: Moon Village


How Bigelow's BEAM works


Vector Space Systems aims to launch satellites by the hundreds


Faster, quieter, greener: Will NASA’s campaign for X-planes pick up speed?


Op-Ed: 3 criticisms of NASA's Space Launch System, and why they might not be accurate


Blue Origin joins NASA's Suborbital Research Flight Program


Want to be an astronaut? Your chariots await!


China Readies Next Space Lab and Piloted Shenzhou Mission


Elon Musk wants to send astronauts to Mars as soon as 2024


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Hypersonic Rocket Engine - SABRE - Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine - UK


SpaceLiner - Institute of Space Systems, Germany


AOPA The unlikeliest pilot - Mike Melville's journey into space


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