Sarah Nilsson, JD, PhD, MAS
Sarah Nilsson, JD, PhD, MAS

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Amazing detailing


Highly recommend Jimmy if you are in the Prescott Valley area







Design by humans


Sarah Uram aka zenandzin






Photography by Trevis Shiroma










Extreme Aerial Productions, LLC - Aerial photography and Video Artistry for Lifestyle, Action, and Commerce.


FAA Section 333 Exemption: 13261

Motion Picture and Television Flight Operators Manual: FAA-2015-2844

FAA licensed pilots

$2M Commercial UAV Aviation Insurance 



Artwork by Rouch by Michelle Rouch.


Michelle Rouch is a self-taught artist, who was nominated for Arizona Governor's Arts Awards. Her engineering background offers her the ability to combine her technical knowledge to redefine aerospace art. She won First Place  in the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautic (AIAA) Harry Staubs Precollege Outreach Award for an outstanding STEM K-12 Outreach.


She is dedicated in giving back to the community by making time for Boy Scouts of America, Congressional Award Advisor, EAA, & Kitty Hawk Air Academy. In the past 6 years, her artwork has generously raised nearly $100,000 for kids, who are interested in learning about aviation. 



Arizona Flight Training Center is where I went to complete my Biennial Flight Review, in accordance with 14 CFR 61.56. I highly recommend the school for pilot training. The owner, Rick, is one of the nicest instructor pilots you'll ever meet. His calm demeaner was just what I needed since I had not flown a Cessna in years. 


6801 Glen Harbor Blvd., Suite 107C

Glendale, Arizona 85307




Tetrant is the solution for all your investment advisory and financial planning needs. Locally owned and operated in Gilbert.


Call 1-888-852-8070 and ask for Rob!




Desert Road Racing Organization


Mesa-owned company

President - Jayson Citron


call or text 480-229-9084
















Tanja's Natural Magick

8987 West Olive Ave, #119

Peoria, AZ 85345




All natural healing with herbs, incense, oils, candles, gifts, decor.

Intuitive tarot, astrology, and energy healing.




Independent Distributor


Jim Pitman shares ideas for how business owners can overcome obstacles that hold them back from sending more cards and gifts.






I found this awesome locally-owned bar right next door to my local Harkins... called Beach Club Cantina


What struck me as most awesome was the atmosphere..... the prices are great too.... but the staff are so friendly that I just may have to stop in frequently. 


It looks like a great place for a business lunch too.


Jeordie Schekeryk has to have the most incredible voice I have ever heard in a great while.


She hales from Florida but now lives in the valley and is one of the most talented folk singers to grace our desert.


Jeordie has over 10 years of experience entertaining crowds of all different ages and stages. She is a singer and songwriter who has released 4 independent releases. Her music has been labeled as Poppy, Rocky, Folky, Bluesy, Jazzy American Style music. Her latest release was in July 2013. 


Find her on Facebook and watch for her events around town!


When Ace Hardware and Home Depot could not help me with an unusual key...


I was referred to this person right here in Youngtown... he's the man!


All kinds of weird keys AND his prices are right!




When I needed professional head-shots done (see this website... to the right of the page above my contact info!) and also law school graduation pics, I chose Michele Whitacre of Michele Whitacre Photography.


She had come highly recommended by a fellow law student at the time. Her work is highly professional and her prices are right!


Unfortunately, I had a small fender bender in my Z .... luckily for me the people at Good Ole Boys in Glendale were amazing.... my car looks brand new again, like nothing ever happened.... So impressed was I with their work and professionalism that I took the hubby's pony there to have the nicks and dings from the past 6 years ironed out and re-sprayed... his car too looks good as new!


Good Ole Boys Collision Repair, Inc.

5622 West Lamar Road

Glendale, AZ 85301










Just met the entrepreneur who started this company, Wet Shaving Products, .... my male friends you MUST MUST MUST check this out.... you'll make your close ones, your other halves, very happy!


When my stereo quit working, and all 6 CDs jammed inside my CD-changer in my Z, I went to Maximum Sound and was treated very well. Not only did they remove my broken CD-changer and replace it with a brand new Pioneer.... they also disassembled it and returned all 6 of my CDs unscathed!

I came away after a little over an hour wait extremely satisfied and not too deep in the hole, moneywise. 

I will always go to them for my car audio needs...


Michael's Auto Repair is a family-owned and operated car repair business located in Peoria, Arizona. They have been servicing Peoria, Glendale, Phoenix, and Surprise areas since 2003. They have 24 years experience in the automotive field. They work on foreign and domestic vehicles in Arizona. 


I have trusted Michael for over 5 years with my 350Z and my husband's mustang. He is honest, reliable and well-priced.


Don't get Married - Get a five-year contract by Lori Jae Ricci


Americans have the highest divorce rate in the Western world. Plus, sixty percent of men and fifty percent of women will have sex during their marriage with someone other than their spouse. Yet despite those statistics, the marketing of weddings is flourishing to the tune of $72 bilion a year with tons of TV wedding reality shows to support it. Lori Jae Ricci explores how marriage has become an outdated habit that may not be serving individuals and couples in the NOW! Lori Jae asks readers to open their minds, look at commitment and marriage from a different point of view and discover a NEW way to create a lasting relationship.


The Power to Transform by Shari Silvey


Empower yourself to manifest love, health and abundance with The Power to Transform Tarot Card Deck.


Each deck contains 55 cards, and each card is one of Shari's images plus her commentary on the meaning of the card.


The deck comes with 3D glasses and each card reveals more detail when viewed in this manner.

Okay so maybe not as local as I would like but...

When I travel I only trust my dogs to the care of these people... plus I can use their live streaming video feeds to check up on the pups from anywhere in the world. Great peace of mind! 

Camp Bow Wow

8550 North 91st Ave, Suite 55

Peoria, AZ 85345

623 - 773 - 2275




Stephanie Cortina has been doing my hair now for about 10 years right here in Peoria. She is a smart woman and very talented and runs her own business. 

Adorn Beauty Salon


623 - 313 - 7381




I have THE best pool service from a local christian company here in Peoria.

They do business in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Laveen, Surprise, Litchfield and Goodyear as well.

And they offer reasonable prices!


Living Waters Pool Service and Repair

Peoria, Arizona 85380


623 - 217 - 2938


Hooper's Bar and Grill 


5114 West Northern Ave,

Glendale, AZ 85301


623 - 931 - 2311



Skippers Lounge 


6124 North 43rd Ave,

Glendale, AZ 85301


(43rd and Bethany Home)


623 - 937 - 0938



Black N' Blue

Rockstar Clothing and Accessories


906 North 5th Street

Phoenix, Arizona




This store has the coolest vintage clothing in Arizona.... locally owned and operated by Dana and Mykel.





High Living Concierge is a luxury concierge service that provides a multitude of services - dining, travel, special events... and much more!


Contact Monica Craig - (602) 296-5700



Dianne Post is an attorney whose career has focused on fighting one of the chief causes of poverty and injustice in the world – the inequality of women – with passion, creativity and great effect. 

Over the past 26 years, Ms. Post has worked in over 14 countries to design and implement fundamental legal, policy and programmatic reform on issues related to gender equality. Post works with vulnerable populations, especially women and children, in developing, transitional and developed countries to achieve their human rights and freedom from violence.


She now tackles the world of fiction with two gripping narratives of women from all walks of life - Twisted Justice: Victim of Perpetrator? and Blood and Honor: A Mother’s Heritage, A Daughter’s Revenge 






Twisted Justice: Victim of Perpetrator?

Three men attacked Angie Bradford, a nurse on her way to work. She killed two of them and hospitalized the third. Based on a true story, the prosecutor then charged her with murder. She is fired, her friends betray her and she turns to alcohol for solace. But with the help of a radical women's group, a Black cleaning lady and an unconventional lawyer, Angie battles the legal system as an innocent victim caught in its twisted web. Twisted Justice is women's suspense fiction based on a true crime.




Blood and Honor: A Mother’s Heritage, A Daughter’s Revenge

War hysteria, spying, and blackmail smack up against the courage, ambition and pride of three generations of mid-western women for a fast paced tale of action, honor and family.

Grete, a newspaper publisher in 1918, faces the violent, anti-German sentiment of World War I and, with lessons for today, publishes her paper in German in spite of an English-only law.

Her daughter, Trude, reaches adulthood in World War II during increasing revelations of Hitler's atrocities in Europe. She rejects all things German and engages in counter espionage for the U.S. but entangles herself.

Her daughter, Darian, becomes an investigative reporter and uncovers the rat line and the presence of Nazi war criminals in the U.S., but also learns a secret.

Joel Hazelton Photography 


Joel's love for nature photography stems from a deep passion for the wilderness. He considers himself an outdoorsman first and a photographer second. It is because of this relationship with the landscape that he creates such intimate and personal photographs that sweep the viewer into the scene. He feels a deep connection with Arizona, particularly the Sonoran Desert, and strives to translate this connection through his work.


Joel was born in Phoenix and spent his childhood hiking the desert ranges surrounding the city. It was his desire to share these places with others that began his love for photography. This soon developed into a serious hobby, and now he spends all of his free time exploring the most remote and beautiful places in Arizona, hoping to capture the perfect scene in perfect light. 






Sara Ray of is a self-taught painter, artisit, tattooist, alchemist, black metaler.


She is currently working in Chicago, Illinois, at Maximum Tattoo. Sara Ray was born in Los Angeles, raised in the woods. Currently living in a 100 year haunted cabin filled with art history books and military history journals, she paints into the dawn while annoying the local wildlife with heavy metal dirges floating out the crumbling antique windows.


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