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Sarah NilssonJD, PhD, MAS

Bigelow Aerospace


•Founded by Robert Bigelow in 1999
•Robert Bigelow also owns Budget Suites
•Received licensing from NASA in 2000 for expandable space module technology 
•Began work on their HQ in North Las Vegas in 2001
•Secured licensing for Expandable Technology from NASA in 2003
Genesis I launch in July, 2006
•First launch for Bigelow Aerospace
•Successfully validated the safe operation of the aircraft
•Paid for by the company
•Launched on a Russian Launch Vehicle 
•Planned for 6 months of operation but still in orbit
•11.5 cubic meters of internal space
•Carried some items from the employees
Genesis II launch in June 2007
•Basically just a slightly updated Genesis I
•Carried some live experiments
•Also carried two commercial payloads
•Fly Your Stuff
•Projection Experiment
•Contract received in Dec 2012
•$17.8 Million
•Finished in Mar 2015
•Launched on April 8, 2016
•Fully inflated on May 28
•16 cubic meters of internal space


"BEAM" Aboard: Experimental Inflatable Room attached to ISS

NASA's first expandable habitat failed to inflate on the ISS because of friction

ISS controllers complete BEAM module expansion

Ist Inflatable Habitat for Astronauts all pumped up on Space Station

Take a look inside BEAM

How Bigelow's BEAM works


•BEAM still attached to the ISS
•Currently being used as a storage area
•Currently planned to operate until 2020
•Working on the B330 and Commercial Space Station
•A 330 cubic meter habitat
•Almost one/third the volume of the ISS 
•Fully self supporting
•Will be able to dock with all current spacecraft
•2100 cubic meters
•Larger than the whole ISS
•Needs an SLS or BFR
Commercial Space Station
•Bigelow’s original goal
•May be attached to ISS or standalone
•Needs to wait for more launch vehicles
•1/3 a B330 $25mil for 60 days

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