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Deep Space Industries/Bradford Space Inc.



Deep Space Industries


Deep Space Industries plans to land on an asteroid by 2020


Was founded in 2012, as a venture to mine recourses from asteroids

Became famous for its water based electrothermal propulsion system known as the comet™
Four comet systems are currently in orbit being operated by other companies
Peter Stibrany, a strategist and innovator who helped develop the world’s first microsatellite telescope, has been appointed as the company’s Chief Business Developer and Strategist
Bill Miller will be joining the company as chief executive officer to position DSI for rapid growth in the coming years
With an impeccable track record of growing technology companies, Bill brings game-changing approaches, solutions, and perspectives to DSI 
Doug Jones, formerly chief test engineer at XCOR, is joining the company’s growing team as director of propulsion systems

The Comet

Non-toxic (water based); safe for humans and launch vehicles 

Approved for flight on multiple launch vehicles 
More thrust with less electrical power 
Highly-flexible interface suitable for a wide range of spacecraft sizes


Up to 5 km/s delta V for 10kg payload
Up to 2.5 AU operating distance from earth
>1 kb/s data downlink from 2 AU from earth
64gb of onboard storage
+3 years design life



Bradford space has acquired Deep Space Industries, as of January 2nd 2019
DSI will be the first substantial U.S. presence for the Bradford group allowing them access to the U.S. space market
DSI will be rebranded Bradford Space Inc
In acquiring control of DSI, Bradford has also assumed ownership and continued development of the Xplorer mission bus, a project by DSI to provide a lower-cost basis for deep space missions

Renaming the project Deep Space Xplorer (DSX) BSI intends to continue developing the micro-spacecraft for low cost interplanetary missions

The system hopes to take advantage of private sector space exploration by hitchhiking on commercial or NASA space launches enabling missions to be significantly reduced in cost
Once in low earth orbit DSX will loiter around earth waiting for the signal to begin its mission, which can then be accomplished under its own power

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