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Sarah NilssonJD, PhD, MAS

United Launch Alliance

United Launch Alliance / Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems


Orbital ATK founded February 9, 2015
Purchased by Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems June 5, 2018
Company began through a merger between the Orbital Sciences Corporation and Alliant Techsystems (ATK)
Orbital Sciences Corporation had a history in developing space launch vehicles
They had used some of ATK’s rocket motors on previous projects which led to the merger
They purchased their Lockheed L-1011 named “Stargazer” in 1994 and have successfully launched over 43 Pegasus rockets containing over 94 satellites from the platform
CEO Tory Bruno
Headquartered in Denver, CO
Decatur, AL
Harlington, TX
Launch Sites
○Cape Canaveral, FL
○Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA
Headquartered in Dulles, Virginia
Led by Blake Larson
~15,000 employees
Facilities in 18 states and several overseas locations
Flight Systems, Defense Systems, Space Systems


3-Stage Rocket
<1,000lb small satellites
Low-Earth orbit
Carried by the Stargazer L-1011


2-Stage Rocket (optional 3rd stage)
>17,000lb payload
Low-Earth orbit
New RD-181 engines

Minotaur Family

USAF Suborbital Program-3
Gov-supplied rocket motors
Low-cost & reliable access to space for gov payloads
26 missions, 100% success

NASA’s Space Launch System


5 Segment Boosters

Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle


Main launch-abort motor

Attitude control motor

Ground-based Midcourse Defense Interceptor, Trident II D-5, Minuteman III


Solid propulsion systems

GEOStar-2 & 3


Communications Satellites for TV broadcasting, business data networks, & mobile networks

Space Education
James Webb Telescope
GEM 63

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