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Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (ARPAS): National UK association of RPAS operators employing RPAS with a mass of less than 20kg. Its objectives are:

- the organization, representation, promotion and encouragement of flying and operation of small RPAS

- to assist and guide company members

- to promote the collaboration between members and the cooperation with National Aviation Authorities or other government departments

- to produce, collect, and distribute information in connection with RPAS

- to encourage and support research relative to RPAS

- to establish and support, financially or otherwise or aid in the establishment and support of any educational scheme or establishment with benefit to the small RPAS operating community



Library of Congress: Regulation of Drones: United Kingdom


Drones to be registered and users to sit safety tests under new government rules

CAP 722 Sixth Edition March 2015.pdf
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