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C.R.S. 24-33.5-1228

C.R.S. 18-8-104


General Provisions of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Laws - specifically 2 CCR 406-0

C. It shall be unlawful to use a drone to look for, scout, or detect wildlife as an aid in the hunting or taking of wildlife.

1. For the purposes of this regulation, drone shall be defined as including, without limitation, any contrivance invented, used or designed for navigation of, or flight in the air that is uncrewed or guided remotely. A drone may also be referred to as UAV or UAVS.

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City of Boulder Ordinance


Aurora Rules and Regulations


Cherry Hills Village Ordinance


Town of Deer Trail Ordinance


Colorado DOT - UAS page


Drones in the news

October 2019 - Colorado Drone Facility Paves Way for Public Safety Innovations



Bill History


Where just the name of the bill or resolution is hyperlinked in black that means that it is not yet law!

Note that bills that are now law are changed to blue font


On February 25, 2015, Colorado failed to pass Senate Bill (SB) 59


On April 21, 2015, House Bill (HB) 1115 died in chamber


HB 1020


HB 1070 - Study Drone Use By Public Safety Agencies - signed into law June 6, 2017

It requires the center of excellence within the department of public safety to perform a study. The study must identify ways to integrate UAS within local and state government functions relating to firefighting, search and rescue, accident reconstruction, crime scene documentation, emergency management, and emergencies involving significant property loss, injury or death. The study must also consider privacy concerns, costs, and timeliness of deployment for each of these uses. The legislation also creates a pilot program, requiring the deployment of at least one team of UAS operators to a region of the state that has been designated as a fire hazard where they will be trained on the use of UAS for the above specifies functions.


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