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April 2020 - Drones enlisted to enforce Honolulu’s stay-at-home orders



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HCR 196

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SB 1329

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SB 630


In 2013 Hawaii State Legislature passed Senate Bill (SB) 1221 (download below) which appropriates $100,000 in funds for two staff positions, contracted through the University of Hawaii, to plan for the creation of three degree and training programs on advanced aviation. One of the programs is a professional unmanned aircraft systems pilot program administered through Hawaii Community College.


Hawaii State Legislature adopted Senate Bill (SB) 661 (download below) into Act 208 on July 2, 2015, which relates to unmanned aerial systems test sites.

SB 661 creates a chief operating officer position for the Hawaii unmanned aerial systems test site. It also establishes an unmanned aerial systems test site advisory board to plan and oversee test site development and appropriates funds to establish the test site.


Senate Bill (SB) 2608 (download below) prohibits the use of unmanned aircraft, except by law enforcement agencies, to conduct surveillance and establishes certain conditions for law enforcement agencies to use an unmanned aircraft to obtain information. It exempts the use of model aircraft for commercial, hobby, or recreational purposes. It requires all law enforcement agencies using unmanned aircraft and the courts to report on their activities relating to unmanned aircraft. 


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