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Bill History


Where just the name of the bill or resolution is hyperlinked in black that means that it is not yet law!

Note that bills that are now law are changed to blue font


SB 69specifies that only the state may regulate UAS, preempting local regulation. The law also defines “UA” and “UAS.” It specifies that UAS does not apply to a UAS used by a local, state or federal government or other specified entities.


SB 73 - adds intentionally crossing a police cordon using a drone to the crime of obstructing an officer. Allows law enforcement or fire department personnel to disable the UAS if it endangers the public or an officer's safety. 


HB 335 - authorizes the establishment of registration and licensing fees for UAS, with a limit of $100.


HB 635 - adds the use of UAS to the crimes of voyeurism, video voyeurism and peeping tom.


SB 141 - specifies that surveillance by a UA constitutes criminal trespass under certain circumstances.


HB 19 - prohibits using a drone to conduct surveillance of, gather evidence or collect information about, or take photo or video of a school, school premises, or correctional facilities. Establishes a penalty of a fine of up to $2,000 and up to six months in jail.


Louisiana Revised Statute 14-337 (2014) - defines unlawful UAS activities and identifies infrastructure facilities that are vulnerable to targeting by UAS.

The Governor signed House Bill (HB) 1029 (download below) into law in Act 661. This act then became effective on August 1, 2014. Act 661 enacted R.S. 14:336 and 337, relative to offenses against the public; to create the crimes of unlawful aiming of a laser at an aircraft and unlawful use of a UAS; to provide for definitions; to provide for criminal penalties; to provide for exceptions; and to provide for related matters. 

HB 1029 created the crime of unlawful use of a UAS. The new law defines the unlawful use of a UAS as the intentional use of a UAS to conduct surveillance of a targeted facility without the owner’s prior written consent. The crime is punishable by a fine of up to 500 dollars and imprisonment for six months. A second offense can be punished by a fine up to 1000 dollars and one year imprisonment. 


HB 811 - 2016


SB 356 - 2014


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On June 23, 2015 the Louisiana Governor signed Senate Bill (SB) 183 (download below) into law in Act 166 which reads: AIRCRAFT/AVIATION and provides for the regulation of UAS in agricultural commercial operations.

SB 183 regulates the use of UAS in agricultural commercial operations. 

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