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Since you stumbled upon this webpage, I assume you are an uncrewed aircraft system (UAS), urban air mobility (UAM), or advanced air mobility (AAM) enthusiast!   


It doesn't matter whether you are a commercial UAS operator, a recreational UAS user, a public entity operator like law enforcement or fire or search and rescue person, or simply an educational user wondering if this is the career path for you, I hope that this website brings you some guidance!


I have a slew of information, starting with 14 pages of ground school in preparation for the Part 107 remote pilot written test or Part 61 add-on. I even wrote, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) published, an extensive FREE eBook on Global Drone Laws that includes UAM and AAM, entitled Drones Across The World.


I hope you find what you are looking for on this site. And if not, please reach out to me. I always appreciate your feedback and I am constantly updating the pages!






Drones Across the World - 

This webbook is structured the way the United Nations views the globe, in 6 main areas, Northern America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Oceania, Europe, Asia, and Africa. In my course it is intended to be taught in a sequence, but it is also easily searchable by country if used as a reference guide.


This webbook has an interactive design with hyperlinks, and authenticated sources, that promotes information literacy. Questions are provided in order to promote discussion and critical thinking, indicative of higher learning.


While still copyrighted content, it is freely distributed worldwide under a Creative Commons, non-commercial, and non-derivative license.





Adopting AAM in the US is in the national interest, as is maintaining US leadership in aerospace.


A vision, and a way to achieve it, is crucial if the US is to realize this goal.


Beyond technical hurdles and system engineering, AAM will require addressing societal acceptance and policy issues related to privacy concerns, community preferences, airspace allocation, and land use considerations.


Given the complex interdisciplinary nature of AAM and the gatekeeping role of regulation, planning and coordination for AAM has to take place at the federal level, with the aim of delivering the foundational decisions, standards, and regulations that enable the private sector to invest and deliver its innovations with clarity and confidence.


At present, the US is potentially on the cusp of a revolution in transportation with long-term, far- reaching implications, from how people get across town to how to connect broader regions and move goods or provide essential services.


The new capabilities that AAM delivers can significantly broaden the application of flight to drive productivity across the economy.


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